Hello world! - First Impressions are Everything

IndyRise is hard at work building its flagship product, PostMeistr, a social media productivity app. It took us an entire sprint and then some to figure out how our app was going to handle user identity management. Does this come as a surprise to you? Then you must be new to the world of creating digital products for consumers.

Even if security is not a huge concern, as people who take digital crafting seriously, it behooves us to not only make the user's first encounter with your app frustration-free but also secure. Fortunately, the bigwigs of consumer apps (Facebook, Google, Twitter etc) have made it easier with OAuth and social logins, so you don't have to build your own user credentials management functionality (for instance, you can skip the whole 'forgot password' user flow).

Still you need to be able to communicate with your users and capturing a unique email address may become necessary. Apps like Twitter leave the decision about sharing their email address in the hands of users.  And while the major social media sites make it explicit when users’ emails are shared with third party apps, users seldom read the fine print and could be caught off-guard if your app appears to have picked up their email automatically. In some cases, like Twitter, the sites may have users login with a phone number and not an email address. So if your app is depending on the social sites to get the user’s email address, it may end up with nothing. Hence, in the apps we build we like to specifically ask for the email address and always consider the option to edit it in our user flows.

How do you handle user identity management for your apps? Have you come across any neat tricks to make this first encounter with your product 'delightful'?